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Elections Department

Rebecka K. LaCourse

Elections Administrator


Colorado County Courthouse Annex

318 Spring Street, Room 101
Columbus, Texas 78934
Phone:  (979) 732-6860
Fax:  (979) 732-2952

Email:  Elections

Governor Greg Abbot has suspended certain provisions in the Texas Election Code, to move the primary runoff date to July 14, 2020.


All County Wide Elections scheduled for May 02, 2020 have been postponed until November 03, 2020.

The Elections Administrator is responsible for all federal, state, and county elections. In addition, cities, school districts, and political subdivisions can contract with the office to conduct their election.  

El Administrador de Elecciones es responsable de todas las elecciones federales, estatales y del condado. Además, las ciudades, los distritos escolares y las subdivisiones políticas pueden contratar con la oficina para llevar a cabo su elección.

The Elections Administrator also serves as the County Voter Registrar, the Early Voting Clerk, and is responsible for all voting equipment owned by Colorado County.  

El Administrador de Elecciones también sirve como el Registro Electoral del Condado, el Secretario de Votación Temprana, y es responsable de todo el equipo de votación propiedad del Condado de Colorado.

The Elections Administrator also serves to accept filings of Campaign Finance, Appointments of Campaign Treasurers, and other filings related to campaign finance.

El Administrador de Elecciones también sirve para aceptar presentaciones de Financiamiento de Campaña, Nombramientos de Tesoreros de Campaña y otras presentatciones relacionadas con el financiamiento de campañas.

Voter's Registration Cards/Certificates are valid for two (2) years beginning January 01, 2020 through December 31, 2021. Replacement or changed cards can be obtained through the Texas Voter Registration Application or through your local elections office. 

Busque sus NUEVAS Tarjetas/Certificados de Registro de Votantes de Color Salmón en las próximas semanas. Las Tarjetas/Certificados de Registro del Votante son válidas por dos (2) años desde el 01 de enero de 2020 hasta el 31 de diciembre de 2021. Las tarjetas de reemplazo o cambio se pueden obtener a través de la Solicitud de Registro electoral de Texas o a través de su oficina electoral local.  

Quick Links Sidebar Header Image Last day to Register to Vote to be eligible for the November Elections is October 05, 2020.   El último día para registrarse para ser elegible para las elecciones de noviembre es el 05 de octubre de 2020.

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  • Why Vote?

    The right of an American to vote is the right that defines our democracy. The health of that democracy is dependent on the energy and resolve with which it safeguards this most precious and fundamental of rights, and thus encourages the citizen participation that is its greatest strength.

    Elected officials decide many issues that affect our daily lives, such as:

    • How many police officers patrol the streets
    • How much money the school district will spend on teachers, classrooms, and text books
    • The types of materials a public library can loan out
    • Fees, laws, and regulation for environmental issues
    • Tax rates and how the government will spend tax dollars

    One vote does make a difference..

    • In 1800, Thomas Jefferson won the presidency with just one vote in the House of Representatives after a tie in the Electoral College.
    • In 1960, John F. Kennedy won the U.S. Presidency by the equivalent of less than one vote in each precinct.
    • In 1981, in a local school district election in Belmont, California, winner Chon Gutierrez and his opponent, Stanley Landland, received the same number of votes and had to draw straws to determine the election.
    • In 1984, Mary Herron lost the mayor's race in Coronado, California by nine votes. Her supporters thought she was the overwhelming favorite, and many did not bother to vote.


     Election Judge
    A person appointed by the Commissioners Court (or by the county chair of a political party in a primary) for an upcoming election. This person in charge of the operation of a particular polling place on election day. He/she contacts the polling place and makes arrangements for opening/closing the polling place election day. Picking up supplies, gathering any additional clerks set by the Elections Coordinator and returning supplies to Central Count the night of the election.
     Alternate Judge
    A person appointed by the Commissioners Court (or by the county chair of a political party in a primary) for an upcoming election. This person is to assist the Election Judge in their duties. If for any reason the Election Judge is unable to perform their duties it's the responsibility of the Alternate Judge to step in and take over as Elections Judge. The Alternate Judge is to be affiliated with a different political party than that of the Election Judge.
    A clerk is appointed by the Election Judge of a polling place. The clerk is to assist the Judge and Alternate Judge in performing the assigned duties that they are given.
     Bilingual Election Clerk
    Is appointed by the Election Coordinator. The number of clerks needed depends on the polling place and the amount of Spanish sur-names in that particular precinct. The bilingual clerk is to assist any Spanish speaking voter that may need assistance during their voting process. The bilingual clerk may need to read the ballot to the voter or answer any questions the voter may have. The bilingual clerk is to assist the Judge and Alternate Judge into performing the assigned duties that they are given.

     Other Election Rolls
    Early Ballot Board
    Resolution Board
    Write-In Board
    Student Election Clerks

    Volunteer Deputy Registrar

    If you are interested in becoming a volunteer deputy registrar so you can register people to vote pleases contact our office and find out about training being offered.


    Upcoming Training being Offered

  • ID Required for Texas Voters

    Register to Vote

    Application to Vote by Mail

    • Annual Applications to vote by mail can be sent in no earlier than January 1.
    • Applications to vote by mail are due in-office (not postmarked) no later than the 11th day before election day.

    Notice of Voting Order Priority (Aviso de prioridad de orden de votacion)



    NEW ExpressVote & Precinct Scanners  * A video demonstration prepared for the November 2014 election in Fairfax County VA

    This system uses touch-screen technology that produces a paper-based ballot for tabulation. As a marking device,  the ExpressVote handles the entire marking process, eliminating marginal marks and the need for interpretation of the voter’s mark. The voter will receive a blank ballot with their ballot style printed on the card to begin the process. The voter will insert ballot into the marking  device, make their selections, verify the selections made, and print the ballot. The voter will then place the ballot into the DS200 tabulation machine.   Voting has now been completed in a simple easy to use manner.  This equipment combines the traditional with modern technology in a fun, and simple to use device.  This device can adjust for vision, hearing, translations, and MANY other needs to fit voter requirements.  Come out to take a look and have a hands on experience BEFORE election day.