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Justice of the Peace

Colorado County
Justice Courts

Justice of the Peace
Precinct 1
  Justice of the Peace
Precinct 2

Justice of the Peace
Precinct 3

Justice of the Peace
Precinct 4

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Justice Courts of Colorado County

Justice Courts have jurisdiction in civil suits where the amount of controversy is $20,000.00 or less and has jurisdiction on criminal cases that are punishable by fine only not to exceed $500.00 

Civil Court

 The Justice Court has exclusive jurisdiction in all civil actions in which the amount in controversy is $20,000.00 or under. For Small Claims Court the filing fees and Constable fees total $149.00, if the defendant resides in Colorado County. For Justice Civil and Eviction cases, the total fees are $149.00. If the defendant resides outside of Colorado County, different Constable fees may apply.

Either party has a right to request a hearing before a jury, in which case a $22.00 jury fee is required by the requesting party. Neither the Judge nor members of the court staff are allowed to give any legal advice. If you need legal assistance, contact a lawyer of your choice. Written information is available from the courts to guide you in the filing of your action.

Criminal Court

Justice Courts have original jurisdiction on Class C misdemeanors that are punishable by fine only. Those range from the Texas Penal Code to the Traffic Code. The following law enforcement agencies file complaints in Justice Courts in Colorado County: Colorado County Sheriff's Office, Texas Department of Public Safety, Colorado County Constables, Parks & Wildlife, Alcohol Beverage Commission, and Environmental Department.

The Texas Legislature requires that fees be collected on every conviction. That amount is set by the State and distributed to various State agencies of government. These fees are commonly referred to as "court costs".


**Fees charged by the Sheriff and Constables of Colorado County**

Effective January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024


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